Unique Graphic Work

fred jahn published in munich two large portfolios of my printed works. they were based on my architecture drawings. many lithographs and etchings were printed over each other. the artist proofs revealed a diverse array of possibilities for such a superimposed approach. stone textures also merged into the combinations. this process produced unique singular works. each artist proof was different, but only together with kurt zein did unique graphic works come about. kurt zein prepared the paper to be printed with paint in the spirit of my pouring paintings. for each edition he prepared lithograph offprint paper and copper plates and combined the drawn-on plates in a different way for each print. each printed graphic was thus unique, different from all the others. (2019)

Fred Jahn, a well-known publisher in Munich, has published two large portfolios of prints by Hermann Nitsch based on his architectural drawings. These portfolios are highly prized by art collectors and enthusiasts alike and are popular with Japanese Casino Days players. Hermann Nich was a prominent architect of the 20th century who is well known for his unique building design style that combines modernism and traditional Japanese architecture. His works have been highly praised for their exceptional beauty, elegance and attention to detail. The portfolios published by Fred Jahn are a testament to the high quality of work Nich has produced throughout his career. These portfolios are in high demand among collectors who like to play online casino games, as they provide a unique insight into the life and work of one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. The fact that they are also popular with Casino Days players is a testament to the diverse interests of Japanese gamblers and the wide variety of cultural experiences they seek.